Jeans and tees have never really been my thing.


 Dresses; now those have always seemed more practical to me. You’re sitting there being like “soz what?” right? 

Marilyn (and anyone caught in a gale, ever in life) might also disagree about the practicality of a dress. But! On the premise that a dress involves a mere slip over the head, a turn of a heel and a dash out the door, I’m inclined to think they’re more practical than a plain white tee.

So while your wardrobe’s in limbo and the weather’s oscillating between not exactly hotAF, and not exactly minus zero chill – I’d suggest a dress. LBD, florals (cue Miranda), stripes or prints-on-prints-on-prints – Superbalist’s range is pretty much the essence of rad.

Now, since I seesaw between rainbow hues and midnight shades, I tend towards floral pieces AND edgier options. Bi-polar much? Whatevs. Take that winter-spring-summer thing! Totes got this transitional dressing thing covered from this morning’s spring brunch to tonight’s spring soirée – yas!

IMG_0039IMG_0060 IMG_0033IMG_0101 IMG_0106IMG_0042IMG_0031IMG_0070

Photography: Janine Nel

Dress: Superbalist
Boots: Superbalist
Bag: Superbalist
Hat: Superbalist
Earrings: Superbalist
Rings: Lovisa

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