March 29, 2013

Disclaimer: This is a feminist rant. There are no pretty pictures of pixie cuts. Skip to the next post if you’re over girl power or think there are too many words on this page. And clap if you believe in pixies (Peter Pan reference. Duh.)

It recently came to my attention that women still can’t bring themselves to do a simple thing, like cut their hair, for fear of negative responses from men people. This notion occurred to me after a friend posed the question which I, myself have often pondered before; “To Pixie, or not to Pixie?” I still have long hair, and bangs (courageous, right? No.) I told her to go for it. Apparently girls had given her the green light and boys had, well – not.

Now, I had a boyfriend at the time of my first pixie cut ponder and I hate to admit it but I knew he liked my hair long. So I kept it like that; for him (and boys in general I guess? Conformist much? Fuck.) and for fear of losing any element of femininity. Because I’m a girly-girl like that.

Am I girly-girl or am I still confined by patriarchal values and desires? I call myself a 21st century, modern, free woman and yet I’m too damn scared to cut my hair. I watch Mad Men and feel sorry for those women who bow down to the desires of men and glow at the thought of serving their family. But allas, my choice of hairstyle puts me right up there with every other apron wearing-baby-bearing-sandwhich-making-female who couldn’t make a choice for herself.

I’m not saying burn your bra and toss away your Mac lipstick. I love my bras and I love my lipsticks. What I’m saying is, next time you (or I, for that matter) make a choice about your (or my) appearance, it should be made for ourselves. Entirely for ourselves. Don’t think about your best mate’s opinion, your dad’s opinion or your lecturer’s opinion.

If we’re calling ourselves 21st century women we should damn well live up to it.

Apologies to haters of feminist rants.

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