Mono No Aware // 物の哀れ


“The bittersweetness of a brief and fading moment of transient beauty.”

Or, the bittersweet feeling of seeing things change. It’s a complicated concept, lost in translation (classic) mostly, to which I feel both connected to as I begin saying my goodbyes and hope to research whilst in Nippon. I’ve been advised to ask locals about the term “wabi-sabi” in the hopes of attaining authentic-rice-roots information about the philosophy. I’ll definitely be doing the same with Mono No aware. 21 Japanese-philosophy questions with Dale, and go! Jokes.

That said, this is probably the last local shoot I’ll be doing until my departure. S/O to Ghouthia for collabing on this one – we had the best time and obviously we discovered this beautiful connection just before the end of my stay in the Cape. MONO NO AWARE – amiright?? Right. So.

Next stop, Tokyo.

Sayōnara SA x


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