June 23, 2016

I’ve never believed that nothing good happens after 2am… 

Unless you’re a geriatric, a bouncer, a bartender or a parent. Y’all can be as salty as you like ’cause let’s be honest, the “Ma come fetch me from Numbers plz” phone call never went down well.

You know the call. We all know the call. I mean I still make the call. But now it’s to Mr Uber and I’ll be grounded for like 2 days thanks to the second tequila and not ’cause I lost my ID card.
Cue white-woo-gal “yolos.” I mean I still get flinchyAF when I say that word ’cause  1. mainstream and stuff  and 2. English Major – gah. But. Irony and sarcasm aside, it’s a goodie, and yes this post is dedicated to late night Yolo’ing.

*Kendrick shrug*

Exit’s top right in the event that my previous statement offended any of your sensibilities. Bouncer not included.

Back to the shenanigans; S/O to my mvp, Age, for showing me that sometimes escapism is NB and more often than not going with your gut is key. Ha! Rhymes yeah. Between the two of us, it only took me like two years to let go of work night rules in favour of free feels, but hey – here I am feelin’ the system and figuring how best to work it for me. See I like late nights.I like being up when it’s loudest and when it’s softest. I like staying up past 2am thinking up creative ideas or getting crunk at the clurb. Like awkies that go time the world over is some 9-5 construct filled with weird structures while I’m outchea at 3am, woke as in my bed, self-loathing ’cause I can’t (read:probably don’t wanna) get to sleep. NAH.

Get up. Turn the light on. Listen to the song you can’t get out of your head. Go out. Stay out. Make that thing. Think about making that thing. Embrace that 4am train of thought (Bed? Cool. Out? No strange sweets mkay). Send that text. Plan that trip. Dafuq cares about how it’s meant to happen, how it’s meant to work out and when it’s meant to. If it doesn’t fit into a play by play, that’s okay.

Blah blah basically blah, if you’re feelin’ the vibe, like really feeling the vibe, do the thing. Deal with the rest later or earlier ’cause thanks the man for 9am.

*turns up Foals and siiiiiiings “feel no shame



Wearing Motel via Superbalist
Shot by @nienish

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