Konnichiwa Japan


T-minus 6 weeks until departure.

Yes. To actual fake Nippon. I’m sure you’re sick to death of seeing post-after-post-after-post of faux Japan on your feed. Dale ft plastic cherry blossom et al. I’ll admit it. I’ve barely posted about, spoken about, dreamt about, talked about, verbed about anything un-Japanese IRL, or on-the-line, since July last year. It’s been a tad OTT but dis me tho.

My flatlays ooze Osaka while my street address shouts Seapoint. It’s confusing. I KNOW. I’ve got a penchant for all-or-nothingness and I’m not afraid of a wave of inspiration.


So, that said, I’ve been accepted into the JET Programme – a prestigious cultural and teaching exchange programme focused on sharing culture, language and learning between Japan and the rest of the globe. If you’re interested in applying for the next intake check out their site here.  It’s a pretty rigorous process of application tbh but don’t let that deter you – focused energy is key. And by focused I mean the afore mentioned OTT. My journey started with a campaign design for Superbalist.com ( I wrote about it here if you want to take a peak). I clearly remember colour-picking the perfect shade of pink from the road in a campaign shot. My response? “I NEED to go where the floors are pink. I need to go where the old balances the new, where chaos meets calm, where neon lights meet nature.” Since then I’ve flowed through a series of serendipitous situations to find myself awaiting a flight ticket for the 22nd.

I’m hoping to document my discoveries and travel experiences here – read: I can’t effing wait to talk wabi-sabi, tea-ceremony and the likes in this space. Drop me a line if you’ve ever been to Japan or have anything you might like me to investigate upon arrival, I’d love to hear any insights or intrigues.

Until the next post, genki de. X

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S/O to Ashiq J Photography for these dope pics. He’s talented beyond and you should totally give him a follow.

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  • Reply Lindsay June 14, 2017 at 4:28 PM

    Take all the pics DaleOH :)

  • Reply Jamey Du Plessis June 30, 2017 at 2:37 PM

    Where did you get this jacket? Been looking for a Japanese printed bomber all winter :(

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