“Someday soon women are going to realize that Pinterest is simply a conspiracy founded by a group of men who are tricking them into cooking, cleaning and working out.”

Let’s have a lil charlie about this comment. Because, I for one, can’t be reading such things about my inspiration bible without getting a tad riled up.

Having studied media, I’d like to think I know my shit about what’s going on around me and how my consumption of media influences my human person. But alas, human error rears its perfectly manicured head every so often. Just as one would consciously decide not to wear the pleather hot pants with a mesh crop top (for fear of looking like a slut hoe bag and advocating highly sexualised ideals of women), one should consciously be aware of one’s choices of media and the ideals promoted therein and the consequences thereof.

Boom. Academic speak.

Point being. Crikey moses. Point being, the sayer of said comment has a valid point. All of my polka-dot wearing, ombré loving, glitter gluin self hates to admit it.

Pinterest was founded by four men. first valid point. Second valid point. I, a woman person, has mindlessly bought into Pinterest for the past few years without question. Now, I’ve questioned the influence of Elle, and Cosmo, vegan books and Downton Abbey. But Pinterest – questions there were none. Its cool factor, pretty pictures, popularity and idealism got the better of me. Who wouldn’t enjoy browsing all the pretty things and aspirational ideas for hours on end? Bleh.

Forgive me for being a cynical Cindy but I feel somewhat intellectually violated. Awesome visuals and girly shit just got me to conform to 21st century house-wife like 1950s ideals. Dafuq. Now I’m not quite convinced that it’s a conspiracy or trick. I’d like to imagine that these men weren’t sitting around drinking beer and eating biltong (let’s just add to the exaggerated gender stereotypes) whilst conspiring how to control the female population. Instead, they probably just needed some cashola and in their brilliant desperation (or appreciation for capitalism) decided to create a virtual pinboard to end all other pinboards.

A pinboard that would in turn perpetuate masculine and social ideals. Deep yo. Yes. Ja.

Although. This is an aspect of “THE MEDIA” and the media (in all forms) perpetuates ideologies. God, I’m doing it as I type this. It’s everywhere.

Now what? What the hell does one such character-building-personality-defining-independent-being deal with a media that is everywhaaaar without mindlessly being shaped by it?

One thinks about it. And one filters through it. One becomes an active in one’s media consumption. One becomes a decision maker. Mindfulness. That’s what’s up.

And that, darlings, is how to become an independent consumer of media. And not just a mindless consumer of all the things, all the time and in all the ways. Take that social convention. And take that powers that be. Boo you Pinterest whore.

I will curate my style with you, but I will not let you shape me.

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