‘Cause a pre-quarter life crisis (and A/W 16 for that matter) wouldn’t be complete without glitter, unicorns, faux fur and a bit of a bedhead. Amirite?

So we’re gathered here today to talk about everyone around me who’s getting married  the necessities that go along with an existential crisis. No, not really. 

On a less whiny-20-something-note, let’s talk about the fact that faux fur is on trend at the moment you guys?!

I mean I’m not going to give Armani full credit for seeing the light in a pledge to stop using real fur in an effort  to become a brand with an ethical name in the industry. Okay perhaps we can attribute this season’s fad to a combination of Wes Anderson’s popularity (AKA mainstream inclusion), an Armani movement and an all round cultural shift towards mindfulness. To be fair, fur has looked chicAF since day 1 (maybe not cave man styles  but European monarchy vibes yeah?) so its revival feels about as ground-breaking as florals for spring or fringe for festivals. And yes, I, the 11-year-long vegetarian will admit that it looked lit back then. Worth the ethical cost? No f-ing ways. S/O to technology for showing up at the moral party to provide “valid alternatives… that render the use of cruel practices unnecessary with regards to animals.”

Ground-breaking? No. About time. Yes.

Cool. Next stop, global warming by Chanel?

Da dum tssh.


Clutch + coat | My Scattered Heart
Shoes | H&M

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