May 18, 2016

So long, Sunshine.

I considered ctrl-c + ctrl-v’ing the lyrics of Summertime Sadness and leaving the post be. But you’ve all heard that story and I’m not that laz-e. Nah.

Summer never really was my thing. I’ve always tanned a darker shade of ghost or a deeper shade of rouge; neither of which are a vibe at Nahoon when your crush is lying two towels away from you bbm’ing a babe.

Thanks for literally nothing adolescence.

Okay jokes, I didn’t have to do my own laundry then. Small victories.

Speaking of which (victories laundry), we’re on the cusp of winter and Cape Town is oscillating between tropical temps and frigid feels. It’s usually hotAF out here so this means one thing, and one thing only,  Summer is saying bye quicker than Seth confessed his love on the hotdog stand. You know the one? Season 2, that’s all I’m sayin’.

So, Summer is sayin’ bye and for the first time IRL I’m kinda sad about it. I totally got into being super pale and super salty on clifton 4th and giving no f*cks about it. Also, rad Summer cozzies and sunnies – I got into that shit. I mean I should be happy ’cause a lack of winter would have me writing this in flames and groaning about global warming – basically Hell with wifi.


Fine, I’ll put my fashion feels aside ’cause I mean I guess environmental issues are NB. Yeah? 6 months ain’t that long. Cool, until then…


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