June 29, 2015

A job in the fashion industry let’s me learn a thing or two about what’s hot, what’s not and whether or not to give a damn. IMG_4006A while back I had the privilege of sitting in on a trend forecast by the knowers-that-know and the wearers-that-wear. Whilst feeling a little Andy-in-the-Chanel-boots-like, I couldn’t help but appreciate the dynamic discussion I’d found myself in. Aside from discussing the inevitable shift towards mom jeans and normcore, we also began a discussion on the fate of the winter coat – which at first might sound like a topic that’s as shallow as a shower.

Alas; that ain’t the case, as anyone who’s taken a second to pay attention to the fabric on their back. Quit rolling your eyes back there miss jeans-and-tee, you have to shop too.

This season we’re seeing the rise of the blanket trend, which is beautiful and undoubtedly comfortable. But aesthetics aside, this trend comments on the current human state. Would it not be apt to understand that the general trend toward comfort, the hand-made, nostalgia and slowing down indicates that we’re in fact attempting to defer the ever increasing growth of technology, the decrease of interpersonal-connections and the somewhat trying economic environment. The rat-race has us blanketing quilting ourselves which, for practicality’s sake I love, but for reality’s sake I find a concern.

The cerulean belt wasn’t simply a cerulean belt, nor is the pink blanket coat simply a pink coat. Fashion trends reflect worldly art, politics and financial situations albeit disguised in palettes of blush and tones of trend. Post WW2 saw a rise in luxuriously-elegant fashion as a result of the popular demand for the anti-minimalist.

That said, I’ll be wear my pink coat this season with equal amounts of whimsy and cognizance of the worldy zeitgeist. IMG_4010IMG_4001IMG_3992-2IMG_4021IMG_3994IMG_3964

Coat | Thrifted
Crop top | Jay Jays
Velvet leggings | The Lot
Boots | Madison
Socks | Top Shop
Earrings | Spree

Photography by Janine Nel Photography – take a peek at her insta, it’s a beaut.


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