October 1, 2014

No, darling. Don’t be thinking that you’ve got this clean thing covered now that you’ve cleaned out the supply of wet-wipes at your local Clicks. No, this is not your school camping trip, nor is this a some glamping experience.




So, like me, you’re probably wiggin’ out about what you’re gon’ need to be lookin’ fezzy chic this weekend. You, my friend, are not alone. Welcome to the circle of trust and tricks.


You’ll probably have an over-sized wheely back full of ish, but here’s my edit of the NBs.

-Cute gumboots. Because mud belongs on your face, if you’re at a 5 star spa that is.
– Zam-buck. Because you’re probably going to make out with someone on the dancefloor and God knows where that mouth has been. So for the sake of your mouth and my eyes; sanitize that shit.
– Sunglasses. Well, no one wants Daisy-sun-induced frown line now do they? NO.
– Glitter. Unicorns, rainbows, fill in the rest.
– Dry shampoo. This is not bergie-ville. Clean that huuuur.
– Baby powder. Because your dry shampoo may run out/get stolen/traded for acid and you will cry.
– Hand sanitizer. Festival toilets. Nastier than Britney’s shaved head. Not about that siff life.
– flower crown. If you have to ask why you should probably also ask yourself why you’re reading this blog in the first place.
– Disposable camera. Well obligatory selfies are all the more fun with an old school snapper, no?
– Glow sticks. See flower crown description. What even?
– Plasters. You know, unless you’re a zombie honey, I’m pretty sure cuts won’t look good on you.
– And the wet wipes, yes. They get all the attention so I figured they should let the other kids have a spot in the lime light of festival musts for a change.

Okay, so now that we know we’ll all be looking like hot messes for four days I can tell you that, well, I can’t wait to effing see you and the rest at the Daisies that Rock, aaaaaand I’ll be repping for My Scattered Heart and giving away some vouchers to anyone looking classy AF this weekend.

I’ll be the human rainbow trying to find my tent.




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