April 8, 2016

A week of consecutive nothing-to-fcking-wear moments in front of a seemingly abundant closet can lead to one of three things:

An average-but-manageable few days in the office, a plethora of impulse add-to-carts and checkouts or…

..wardrobe zen.

Breathe it in – wardrobe zen, the lovely sister of ugly sister bed karma (it’s a thing okay?).

Rolls eyes back to the topic.

Wardrobe zen in this instance, is less about furniture feng shui and more about sartorial serenity – a sense of style enlightenment if you will. Part of my blog’s recent hiatus must be attributed to my style journey involving many a shaman, a crystal and bikram yoga session. And if I could keep a straight face for longer than a blink I’d hope you’d actually believe that.

Kforreals now.

Wardrobe zen might not involve numerous sun salutations and salt cleanses – it does however involve a certain level of introspection and a good
balance of mindfulness (read: mindlessness also).

See, I’ve been dressing in black and denim (with the occasional pop of teal, white or maroon) for about 2 months now. Boring yeah? I thought so too until a colleague mentioned that I looked like I was from Berlin in my black numbers. Cue angelic choir melody and hello unintentional fashion nirvana.

By channeling my simple favourites; each with a hint of personality (whether it’s a frill or some fluff), each with an injection of confidence and each with a balance of pop-grunge and minimalism I found myself in my sacred style space.

The lesson? Seek out a clear colour palette, comfortable fits and subtle say-who-you-are-pieces. Seek out what you’re saying with your style and seek out what makes you feel sassy and serene (’cause let’s be honest we all wanna work it and be chill simultaneously). Maybe it’s stripes, or leather or lace in cream and navy with pops of plum? Either way you’ll save time faffing and ditch those awkward-why-did-I-wear-this moments. Those kinda suck.

Sending you good style vibes only, you guys.

kloveubye x

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Denim Jacket: G-star RAW | Dress: Cotton On | Shoes: Madison via Superbalist | Sunnies:

Photography: Janine Nel Photography@nienish

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